• 06

    November 6, 2015, Fisch & Feines 2015

  • 28

    October 28, 2016, Eat & Style Munich 2016

German Food Festivals

    fisch feines
    06 Nov 08 Nov

    Findorffstraße 101, Bremen, Duitsland

    November 6, 2015 To November 8, 2015

    This year’s Fisch & Feines convention in Bremen celebrates local fishing traditions and artisanal food production. It’s an extention of the Slow Food movement, which began in Italy as a reaction to industrial food production. The event organized by Slow Food Germany to promote sustainable fishing and seafood traditions. Read more…

    eat and style
    28 Oct 30 Oct

    Zenith - Die Kulturhalle, Lilienthalallee, Munich, Duitsland

    October 28, 2016 To October 30, 2016

    Eat & Style celebrates the best flavours from all around the world and is Germany’s biggest food-festival. It takes place in various cities in Germany and is accessible to both professionals as well as private visitors. Read more…